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Years Of Experience

I've worked with thousands of people througout the UK.

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Back to Basics

I specialise in helping beginners with a solid foundation.

Strength & Conditioning

With 15 years experience working in health and fitness, we’ve helped thousands of people throughout Essex reach their goals.

Strength and conditioning sessions with Vitality & Mind are bespoke training plans tailored to an individual’s needs and requirements. Each session is designed to improve overall strength and performance with a strong focus on results.

Together, we’ll analyse your body to identify and isolate any weaker areas, and then produce the correct exercise and training regime to strengthen and condition these areas.

Our sessions have a strong focus on improving your metabolic rate (number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest), which in turn increases the capability to burn fat at a higher rate.

We’ll also look at improvements to both heart and lung capacities, allowing clients to push themselves further and harder.

We take pride in the fact that we’ve worked with top athletes to strengthen and condition their bodies leading to medal / trophy winning performances.

Ready to make a change?

I am not a salesman. Unlike many Personal Trainers in Essex, I care deeply about my clients progress and want to help get results quickly.

Personal training isn't about shouting at someone to make them exercise. For me it's about the ten years experience and knowledge I have behind me, which allows me to educate clients on how to quickly get where they want to be.

Ryan Worthington, Founder & Qualified Trainer

Ryan Worthington Personal Training

Darren Moles

I am a 42 year old man who has never really trained properly, I thought I was too old for it now,passed it!, but training with Ryan has boosted my wellbeing, stamina, lung capacity, recovery time, I feel alive again.

Karen Michelle

I’ve been training with Ryan for a couple of months now and from day one Ryan has shown me that it doesn’t matter what your weight, height, strength is - he wants to help you.