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Edward ColemanEdward Coleman
15:41 03 Aug 22
Ryan is fully committed to personal training and coaching. He offers a holistic approach to personal training. He conducts o postural assessment prior to starting any training journey. He then combines training with nutrition to achieve the best results he can.My son did some training with Ryan earlier this year to help him prepare for the Royal Navy pre-joining fitness test. His advice and guidance was invaluable and he passed.
lesley peeklesley peek
18:37 31 Jul 22
I have had strength and conditioning training over the years but stopped when the country went into lockdown and I didn't go back to the gym until 2022. Knowing I needed some encouragement and feeling nervous after a 2 year break I did some net surfing and decided to sign up with Vitality & Mind Personal Training. At my first session Ryan undertook an assessment and gave me exercises to do over the following weeks which helped relieve the niggles I had picked up from years of playing sport and also being an office worker. I was then able to push on with increasing my workload in my sessions which made me feel like I was returning to the fitness levels I had previously seen. The group sessions are effective with each person working at their individual level and everyone encouraging each other. When Ryan is away Tom is there to run the sessions just as effectively. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Vitality & Mind Personal training with the hope it will enable me to play sport for years to come and also keep healthy into an older age.
Aileen GarnerAileen Garner
08:54 28 Jul 22
I’ve been training with Ryan for over 10 months now, a combination of 121 strength and group fitness sessions. I continually work with him to refine my personal fitness goals, and each session is tailored to help me achieve them.I’ve learned a lot from Ryan about nutrition which has really helped my journey. This is the first time in a very long time that I haven’t started the new year by signing up to a quick-fix or weight loss club, and I feel so much better for it. A change in mindset, regular exercise and a proper nutritional plan tailored to my needs has been key to my success so far.
Chris CookChris Cook
21:09 27 Jul 22
Have been training with Ryan for a year now and feel great. No more neck pain which I’ve had since a child. Feel like I have more energy and wanting to do more. Training is tailored to me not just the same for everyone in the class, which are small and personable. Would recommend giving it a try.
Michelle HillMichelle Hill
11:11 27 Jul 22
I have always hated the gym and would never last very long, but training with Ryan has taught me that I have never been told how to excercise correctly. I had never had a review before, by doing so Ryan could assess what I could and couldn’t do, we started with basic strength and then slowly progressed onto adding in fitness. I now enjoy training! Ryan also advises on your diet and since improving my diet my fitness has improved, which I can see over the last few weeks. Most importantly all the people that attend are lovely and friendly. If you are willing to take the advice given then you will succeed.
Shari BennettShari Bennett
15:25 26 Jul 22
I’ve been working with Ryan now for around 5wks and already I’ve noticed a big improvement in both my Strength & Fitness. I got in contact with Ryan to ask for some help with an old Injury and I’m so glad I did. Ryan’s knowledge in all aspects of fitness & nutrition is second to none and with his guidance and support, I have made some good changes and already reaping the benefits. In the past I’ve worked with other Personal Trainers but I’ve never come across anyone so passionate.
Ted GoughTed Gough
11:59 26 Jul 22
I think since I have been with V&M with Ryan he has honestly changed my life.I’m fitter and just have more energy and I can’t wait to go to the gym.His methods are different to previous gyms and trainers I’ve had before.It’s not just about money and size! He actually cares about how you are doing and he treats everyone individually and makes your session about you even if there are 6 people in a group.I can’t suggest strongly enough how what ever age size or condition you’re in that you give Ryan and Vitality & Mind a go.
Catherine GoughCatherine Gough
11:53 26 Jul 22
I’ve been training with Ryan for about 12 weeks and have been truly impressed. Right from the start he assessed mine and my husband’s strengths and weaknesses and set us individualised programs to ensure we develop safely and correctly. He could’ve put us straight into the fitness classes, but without building our strength and flexibility, there would be a risk of injury so he advised us to do the strength sessions with him. Through these I’ve seen lots of changes in both myself and my husband. We’ve both dropped clothes sizes (although our weight has stayed the same) and we feel fitter and healthier. We have more energy and are now leading more active lives. Our mindsets and abilities have improved and we really look forward to our sessions. They are hard, but achievable and we come out buzzing. It’s such a friendly place to be too. Everyone is welcoming and supportive and there are people of all shapes, sizes and weights. I’m usually self conscious in exercise places as I’m on the bigger size, but here I’m so comfortable and it hasn’t been an issue. I can honestly say that signing up with Ryan has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel like I’ve got my physical and mental health back and this is within such a short period of time. What Ryan doesn’t know about exercise, health and diet isn’t worth knowing. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness and I highly recommended him and Vitality.
Andrea HarrisAndrea Harris
15:07 12 Jul 22
I’ve been training with Ryan for just over 3 months now and what a difference it’s made. When I first went to Ryan I had a pain in my right hip. Ryan made sure I trained safely and adapted sessions to accommodate this and now I have absolutely no pain what so ever. Ryan started with a postural assessment so that he knew what I could and couldn’t do and we have built on that. Being one of the bigger people in the group was never an issue either and I never feel self conscious at any point. Ryan has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has meant he can tailor everything to suit my training and nutritional needs. I would highly recommend going to see Ryan.
Marie MillsMarie Mills
16:26 10 Jul 22
I am really enjoying my journey throughout the last year that I have been training with Ryan at Vitality and Mind. Starting as a complete beginner, he has taught me how to exercise in a safe and effective way. I’ve lost weight, toned up and completely changed my mindset towards exercising. Strength and 1-2-1 sessions are excellent, the group sessions are action packed and fun whilst also tailored to your individual needs. They are varied and I never get bored!The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and has a real community spirit. Its not like you picture a regular gym to be at all. Not a mirror in sight! Ryan always has time to help and explain. He really cares about your wellbeing. He is passionate about what he believes in and clearly has a lot of experience. His nutrition advice has helped me massively and is always something I have struggled with. He is like a fountain of knowledge. I would 100% recommend Ryan!

Personal Training in Horndon on the Hill, Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope.

There has never been a time where so much choice is available and so many gyms are on the high street. This industry has flourished around weak knowledge and cheap gym facilities. Whilst often easily accessible and affordable, there is little in the way of support available to the novice or the potential exerciser when embarking on what often seems like a colossal journey and this is where RW Exercise come in.

Rest assured that our team of advisors and coaches are with you every step of the way throughout your personal journey. One of our specialist services is that we screen all our clients before starting any of our packages, making sure that together we begin at the correct starting points as we don’t want any injuries now or at a later date. We believe that this is the key to gaining results fast as we work on your strengths straight from the get go.

Our services include:

  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition
  • Remedial Exercise
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Coaching
  • Boot Camp/Outdoor activity
  • Social Support
  • Up to Date research and information
  • A variety of venues and resources
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Happier Lifestyle
  • Health Improvements
  • Kids education and health improvement within schools

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I am not a salesman. Unlike many Personal Trainers in Essex, I care deeply about my clients progress and want to help get results quickly.

Personal training isn't about shouting at someone to make them exercise. For me it's about the fifteen years experience and knowledge I have behind me, which allows me to educate clients on how to quickly get where they want to be.

Ryan Worthington, Founder & Qualified Trainer

Ryan Worthington Personal Training